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 Creatures of the Forest

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PostSubject: Creatures of the Forest   Thu Apr 15, 2010 10:56 pm

We know that we are not a normal school. So among the normal animals living in our forest I give you the list of the creatures that lurk in the Forest, River and Cave. Take note that not all are friendly.

Mountain Chimera- This Chimera was created a long time ago. Far before this school was built. These were a hybrid between a horse and a dragon. There aren’t many left but a few still fly around with their snow colored wings. One head, the horses, is calm and loving. While the other, the dragons, is violent and shrill.

Forest Chimera- The Forest Chimeras are rather new to this forest but still not as new as the students. These are a hybrid between a lion and a goat. There are many of them now though the Mountain Chimeras like to munch on them. Beware the lion heads roar they tend to break ear drums if you get to close. The goats head loves to munch on shirts too.

Direwolf- The Direwolf is just like any other wolf but they can easily grow to tower over normal humans and demons. They are swift and silent and not often heard when they go in for a kill. Some can be friendly but more often then not, they are not. They are very protective of their pack and will try and kill anything that threatens their safety. Colors of these wolves very between Black, Brown, Gold, White, and Grey.

Cliff Griffon- The Cliff Griffon has the body of a lion the talons, head, and wings of an Eagle. They are often stone colors ranging from black to white and every gray shade in between. They live in the mountains the color is to help camouflage them from dragons are other creature that might go after them. They are quite smart and very quick. They make loyal friends but don’t take them for granted or else.

Land Griffon- The Land Griffon is much like the Cliff Griffon only for the fact that it has the head and talons of a falcon. They have no wings and are very wise. Some of them have learned to talk while others practice in the arts of shape shifting. They are of golden body and gold, red, orange and brown feathers.

Cave Dragon- A cave dragon is like a giant black cobra that has, over time of living in the cave, formed wings of rock. These Dragons are dangerous and not recommended to be messed with. They have very poisonous fangs but then again when they barely open their mouth you can easily be eaten.

Shade- Shadows from the cave, take the shape of humans. They are born from the despair of the world. As you can imagine there is a lot of them being born in just one day. They can not die and they can not be hurt. They can not feel nor can they see. All the same they can sense you and hurt you. The only way to make one disappear is to have despair vanish.

Haunt- The Haunts are K9s that look a lot like wolves. They are pitch black with no trace of other colors on their fur, claws, or Fangs. The only color of change on them is their eyes. Males have pure blood red eyes. Females have deep water blue eyes. These creatures are not to be messed with or taken lightly. They are vicious and blood thirsty. Watch their claws for they contain a deadly poison that can have you dead within 4 hours, if not instantly, if you are not treated.

Ibex- The Ibexes here are slightly different then the others around the world. The Ibexes born and raised here grow to be the size of a horse also; Male ibex are commonly larger and heavier than females, and their most noticeable difference is the large size of their horns. Females grow a pair of smaller, thinner horns which develop considerably more slowly than the males'. The ibex's horns appear at birth and continue to grow through the rest of its life.

Forest Leviathan- The Leviathan is a giant eel like snake that has fin like arms. They dwell in the deepest part of the river and only come out when needed. They have lime green to deep green scales. The one thing that you should know about them is that they are violent when threatened but when they are not under that threat they are the most knowledgeable creature on earth. Besides of course the Sea Leviathans.

Manticore- It has the body of a red lion, the head of a German Sheppard with three rows of sharp teeth (like a shark), and a trumpet-like voice. This creature has horns and winged, and has the tail of a scorpion, and it may shoot poisonous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims though we‘ve yet to see them act like this. They seem to be very calm and nice creatures despite how violent they look.

Puvia- Achiyalabopa was a huge bird god of the Pueblo People. He is described as being of extraordinary size and having rainbow colored feathers as sharp as knives. It was considered a celestial creature and may have once been attributed to the whole of creation. Little did they know that there were many of his species here living in peace. They thrive in this place using

Hippocampus- The hippocamp or hippocampus, often called a sea-horse in English, is a mythological creature shared by Phoenician and Greek mythology, though the name by which it is recognised is purely Greek; it became part of Etruscan mythology. It has typically been depicted as a horse in its forepart with a coiling, scaly, fishlike hindquarter. They are very playful and love a good competition. Not all of them are brainiacts though.

Kitsune- Here at Vaughn Academy we have two kinds of Kitsunes. The Summer Kitsune, which is of red and white colored fur. As well as The Winter Kitsune, which is of white and black colored fur. The Kitsunes can grow to be as tall as nine feet and have up to nine tails. Kitsunes are often called cunning tricksters but that’s wrong. They are really faithful guardians and friends. These creatures are wise and powerful. The more tails a Kitsune has the older, wiser, and more powerful it is.
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Creatures of the Forest
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