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 Observing the beauty of Lake Ionian

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Observing the beauty of Lake Ionian Empty
PostSubject: Observing the beauty of Lake Ionian   Observing the beauty of Lake Ionian I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 08, 2012 9:16 am

As her wings would flap gracefully carrying her within the skies from her dorm window towards Lake Ionian, she looks overhead with a bright smile across her soft skin, her long hair flowing freely around her as the winds ran through it. Breathing in deeply the fresh breeze she would gently make her land, her feet softly brushing the green grass, lightly fluttering her wings at ease while they rest on her back. Looking around she notices the lake's view, calm, serene and peaceful. Walking towards its shore, her body were to softly glisten with a somewhat heavenly glow for a moment before looking to her side and seeing a nearby boat, nothing wow about it, but good enough for a small trip over the water's surface.

Tugging the boat enough into the water to get it going, she would hop into it, splashing the waters slightly while making herself comfortable and sitting down, taking an ore into her hands holding it tightly as she begins rowing the boat out into the middle of the lake. Upon reaching her destination, she began looking around her surroundings, the dim setting sun making for a beautiful backdrop to her view, deciding to take out from her side bag that rested on her hip, her drawing pad and pencil, taking the opportunity to take in such a view with a drawing that hopefully would live up to what she saw, softly humming to herself a sweet melody that would carry through the air along with the wind.
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Observing the beauty of Lake Ionian
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