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 Vellina Morgan

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Headmaster Thanatos
Headmaster Thanatos

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PostSubject: Vellina Morgan   Vellina Morgan I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 1:55 am

NAME- Vellina Morgan
( known as Vell or Morg )

SPECIES- Water Demon

GENDER- Female

AGE- 16

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION- Vell has long blonde hair, light in color, mixed with darker gold underneath several layers. She has light-clear blue eyes that often change to different shades of blue. Can be found grey, though. They are heavily lashed and she's pale. She has light pink lips and she, herself, is sort-of tall and very frail. Her hair falls in wispy waves to her hips. She normally has the same blue flower clip in her hair.
She dresses in anything blue or white. Vell is careless when it comes to clothes, often found with the same, old pair of ballet flats, faded white or pale blue converse. She has a thin silver anklet around her ankle, the last thing her father gave her.

PERSONALITY- She's a bit paranoid and has a large imagination. She doesn't care what you think and she blushes a lot. Vell is often afraid to wander around late at night, alone, but she always wants to overcome her fears. Morg is easy to get along with, even if she's a bit shy, she's always curious. She actually enjoys meeting new people, but is skeptical about them. She loves her music.

HISTORY- She grew up in a large home, having her own art studeo and her several of her own rooms. Her dad loved her, but he was always ill. She was very close to him. He died last fall, breaking her heart and shattering her hopes, so when she got the letter, she went off to forget her old life and live a new one without heartbreak.

1- Free Perioud
2- Choir
3- Horseback Riding
4- Chemistry
5- Olden Literature
6- Writing
7- Free Period
8- (Optional)

ROLE PLAYING EXAMPLE- Vell climbed out of her father's old hearse, sighing as her last bit of home and her old life drove off into the unknown. She looked to the school, hulking before her like a villain, and she, the poor protagonist of this little story. ' Mellow out, Morg. This isn't a big deal..' She sighed and closed her eyes, feeling the same reassuring rush that water was near.

" A river.. " She muttered. A new feeling of comfort wrapped around her and she picked up the old suitcase and walked up the steep hill to her new home.
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PostSubject: Re: Vellina Morgan   Vellina Morgan I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 7:27 am

Mine! Again!
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Vellina Morgan
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