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 Night Trail

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Name: Evelyn Rose
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PostSubject: Night Trail   Thu Dec 16, 2010 11:01 pm

It was a full moon night. A large pool of light fell upon Ev as she walked along the rocky trail. She knew she should've been more concerned about the dangers of the woods, but she just had to get out of the Academy. She walked with her hands in the pockets of purple jacket, green eyes flicking around the forest only slightly. She didn't want to run into anything like a shade. Those were things that scared her most, especially since Lucien wasn't here to help her.

She paused, getting a slight view of the lake. It gleamed with moonlight, rippling. It always made her curious, what was down there?

She had a feeling she wasn't alone.


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Satoshi Hiroyuki
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Name: Kouryu Ryoichi
Species: Dragon Demon
Age: appears 18, he prefers to keep his age a secret

PostSubject: Re: Night Trail   Sun Dec 26, 2010 9:03 pm

It was a late night but still young as Kouryu wandered through the trails, the blood from his kill, a young deer, still fresh in the air, stepping silently in his lesser dragon form, not as big as his full size but his appearance was still that of a dragon. He decided that it would be nice to enjoy his meal beside the lake under the cover of the moon, thinking to himself that no harm could be done since he would only have to worry about the children of the night and other denizens of the dark. With a shrug, he moved onward through the trails, a soft jingle being heard as his draconic necklace hung around his neck and his red eyes panned the forest for life till he saw something, a heat source at the other side of the lake. A thought came through his mind and he arched himself slightly and spread his wings out as he looked upon the figure and withdrew himself as he saw that it was of human form. "It seems someone is with me...I do not want to startle so I shall at least let them know I am here and see how they react..." With that set in his mind, he straightened himself and let out a soft growl, allowing his eyes to flash a brighter red as he watched the figure curiously.
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Night Trail
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