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PostSubject: shaman   shaman I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 21, 2010 12:48 pm

shaman Jzejbb
Power or freedom.

Shaman is a fantasy humanoid literary roleplaying game which welcomes players of all ages, abilities and experience. Based on a new world far from human civilisation designed to safe-guard the magical folk against human persecution, the land of Shaman is, for some, a haven. Fairies, faeries, faes, sprites, pixies, witches, shamans, elves, mages and prophets are all names that humans gave to a species which is one and the same: us. Fairies. People, just like they are, except that they can't see that.

But Shaman is not always the sanctuary it was intended to be. Faced with political corruption, rising empires, conflicting deities, maniacal dictators and quests for magic, the "Fair Folk" sometimes have a hard time justifying their name.

Now, the demon deity Mallos has returned and is staking a claim to our world. Standing between him and Shaman is Aura, the old goddess; both will stop at nothing to enforce their own ideals. There is no neutrality. No middle ground. The people of Shaman must decide their fate: unlimited power, or freedom and rights?

Choose wisely.


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