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 The Mare

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PostSubject: The Mare   The Mare I_icon_minitimeFri Nov 12, 2010 5:35 pm

Jezebel walked into the stables. Her shiny new cowboy boots kicked up some dust as she went by. While, she was walking, she was also looking inside the stables. She hadn't picked a horse yet, and she wanted one before classes started. She kept walking, loosely inspecting each horse. There must be 30 horses here. But she wanted the right one, the one that she could build a special bond with.

She knew that for a vampire to be associated with any natural creature of Earth was very strange. Indeed, their blood was tempting to her, but for her 300 years she had never had anything but human blood. Most vampires nowadays find barbaric and repulsive to drink from humans, but it is their instinct, and in Jez's point of view, why fight something that has been the same for millenia a time?

As she was walking throughout the barn and pondering the enigmatic thought of animal blood as food, she came across a mare, but only just 3 years. She had not been claimed yet, and Jez knew this was her horse.
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Satoshi Hiroyuki
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PostSubject: Re: The Mare   The Mare I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 27, 2010 3:17 pm

Kouryu cursed his luck as he found himself at the stables once again for the third time today, it seemed that he was lost but in truth he had nothing else to do and became bored looking at his map of the area. In a twisted way however, he enjoyed watching the colts and other horses galloping around in the open space and with a chuckle, he stepped over the fence and walked his way amongst them. It was true that normal dragons would enjoy such a variety of potential meals before them, but his grandfather taught him the ways of horse-back riding and how useful they could be, although he did on occasion feed him a select few who had no more than a few days left. "Hmm...good memories...but that is the past...lets see if I can kill some time though." was all that he could say before he spotted a young girl gazing upon a young mare and tilted his head, wondering if she was planning on taming it and with a shrug, he leaned against one of the wooden pikes that held up the fence before calling out to her. "You would help if you made your move soon, sometimes the horse may just be as curious as the one looking at it."
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The Mare
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