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 Adam Baker

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Headmaster Thanatos
Headmaster Thanatos

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PostSubject: Adam Baker   Adam Baker I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 16, 2010 1:52 am

NAME- Adam Baker

SPECIES- Fire demon


AGE- 17

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION- Adam is a skinny pale kid. He has light brown short hair. He is a really tall person which doesnt help him not look so skinny. He has a birthmark that resembles a moon on his left shoulder. He has grassy green eyes that are small and squinty.

PERSONALITY-Adam is a sky quiet kid who doesnt really have many friends. He's really sweet to everyone he meets and helps anyone he can. He's a tough guy on the outside. He stands up for anyone and himself when he needs to. He gets into occasional fight but most arn't his fault. On the inside though, he's really sweet and caring. He's always on the look for someone who can understand him and really get to know him for who he is.

HISTORY- Adams parents had him and then split up. He lived with is mother and step father until he was about thirteen. He couldnt stand his step father anymore and was tired of how he thought he was big and in charge. He never liked how his mother just let it be. Adam's dad was never big on being a parent. Adam moved in with his older sibling who was twenty. Whenever Adam did something bad his had just yelled at him and let it be. What great parents. When Adams dad got two drunk and got into a fight at a bar he was shot. So, he had to go live back with his mother. Instead of living there he decided to run here before his mom found out.
4-Proper Camouflage
7-The Beginning

ROLE PLAYING EXAMPLE- Adam ran to the mailbox. He looked through all of his brothers bills and found the letter. He ran into the house and grabbed a suitcase. He flung it on the bed and went to his closet. He quickly picked up all of his clothes and packed them into his suitcase. Just then his phone rang. It was his mom. He ignored it and what seemed like even faster grabbed his things. He picked up the bag flung it over his shoulder and picked up his phone before his way out. Just before he left he dropped his phone in a glass of water that was on the counter. Adam ran to his car threw the bag in the passenger seat and zoomed out the driveway.
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Racheal Winters
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Name: Racheal Winters
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PostSubject: Re: Adam Baker   Adam Baker I_icon_minitimeSun Apr 18, 2010 11:30 am

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Adam Baker
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