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Welcome! Vampires, Were's, Demons, Shape Shifters, Half-Breeds, and Mixed-Breeds!This is our school made for you by us! Look Around, We Are Sure You Will Fit In. Please Stay And Join Us!
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 Jessica Maier

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Ashtyn & Jessica
2 Characters
Ashtyn & Jessica

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Name: Ashtyn Bree Ryder
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PostSubject: Jessica Maier   Jessica Maier I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 12:43 am

Student, Human, and Out Of School Creature Forum

Students are age 12-19 and any older are either residents in the school or the outer world. Which can be made if you wish.

(Just copy this and PM it to any of the Admins And PLEASE 5 sentences Each or I will Send it back. History is optional!)

NAME- Jessica Maier

SPECIES- unknown


AGE- 15

PHYSICAL DEscriptION- Standing 5'2 she is slightly short. Collarbone length brunette beach wavy locks. Brown almond shaped eyes. She has a teenage girl stylish way of dress. She is fairly thin and weighs 115. Although she has chubby cheeks, which is hereditary in her family.

PERSONALITY- She has a bubbly hyper personality. She likes to hang out with friends and has often been seen hanging out with a group of girls. When it comes to boys she is a huge flirt but is very non committal. She likes to shop and has been a cheerleader in her younger years. She is very cautious and has many fears after her mother died. Though she is a huge girly girl she has a tom boy side too, due to the fact that she has grown up most her life with her dad and brothers she likes to help fix up cars and play rough sports.

HISTORY- Her mother died when she was 5 and though it was a devastating death, Jessica has remained positive about her future. She has grown up with her kind hearted dad whom has been devoted to his job and hardly has time for the family, and her two brothers. She tend to hang out with girls, replacing them with the fact that she has no female role model in her life, but also views guys as friends and nothing more due to the fact that she has lived with guys and tends to do things like fixing cars and playing rough sports. Because she has recently been being ignored by family she decided to try and attend vaughn academy in hope of having a more stable enviroment. Though she has had a roller coaster past she is positive about her future.

1-Normal Camouflage
2-Horseback Riding
8- Study Hall
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Headmaster Thanatos
Headmaster Thanatos

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Name: James Thanatos
Species: ???
Age: Wouldn't You Like To Know

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PostSubject: Re: Jessica Maier   Jessica Maier I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 27, 2010 3:09 am

Welcome to the school ^^ XD


Jessica Maier Dark_Castle-1
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Jessica Maier
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