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 Am I Finally Free? ((Open))

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Blaine Austen
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Name: Blaine Austen
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Am I Finally Free?  ((Open)) Empty
PostSubject: Am I Finally Free? ((Open))   Am I Finally Free?  ((Open)) I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 12, 2010 10:04 pm

Blaine walked across the grounds, hands shoved deep in her pockets. Vaughn Academy didn’t seem too awfully bad so far, but then again, she had yet to actually meet anybody else that attended the school. When she had arrived the night before, the front door had seemed to open of its own accord, and that had sent her straight back outside. The glimpse she had of the inside of the building had shown nothing but space, massive staircases, and grandeur, and she was in no mood whatsoever to discover the inner workings of the academy on her own. Granted, after running from Mason all those weeks ago, she didn’t need anybody else in her life, but still. The letter Blaine had received from Vaughn Academy said that the school accepted demons and vampires as well, and as she had no experience at all with either of them, she didn’t want to have any run-ins with them while wandering the corridors.

Sighing, she pulled a rubber band out of her pocket and yanked her black hair back into a messy ponytail as she walked. The wind was picking up, and she didn’t like her hair blowing in her face. It obstructed her view of the world, and she didn’t like that at all. Blaine still wasn’t that great at shifting on the fly, so she liked to see any potential approaching danger before it attacked. She needed a chance to concentrate on what she wanted to become, and if she didn’t get a chance to see her assailant first, she was as good as dead. Shoving her hands back in her pockets, she stopped where she was and tilted her head to the sky. The light grey clouds were rolling in, and a thunderstorm was obviously on its way. Blaine could smell the rain in the air, and for once, it made her smile. A rainstorm would be good this time. It was a signal of a new beginning, and that was something she wanted very badly at the moment.

Suddenly, without warning, the skies opened up. The rain started pouring down, and, laughing hysterically, Blaine began running across the lawn like a little kid. She figured she must look utterly deranged, running around like that, but she really didn’t care. She felt like the rain was washing her, like it was truly clearing her of her past, and that felt good. She had been trying to run from it for weeks, for years, and she was finally starting to feel like she might be free. Smiling and suddenly feeling light as a helium balloon, Blaine made a mad dash for the trees at the edge of the forest, soaked completely to the bone, looking for a relatively dry place to wait out the rest of the storm.
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PostSubject: Re: Am I Finally Free? ((Open))   Am I Finally Free?  ((Open)) I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 13, 2010 12:18 am

is in his cat form lieing beneath a big oak tree. sees blaine approach and decides he should becareful not knowing her. excuse me miss, this is probaly the closest dry spot you'll find, if you want you can have it and i can find some where else to lie down.

Am I Finally Free?  ((Open)) Gothic-backgrounds-290
Am I Finally Free?  ((Open)) Sig
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Am I Finally Free? ((Open))
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