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 1st class of the year (normal camouflage)

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PostSubject: 1st class of the year (normal camouflage)   Mon Jun 28, 2010 8:19 pm

Nezzera had waken up early in order to check out all the guys walking by the classroom, but what she didn't know was that meant the teacher would make her start on what they were doing in class earlier than everyone else. so much for cute boys she thinks rolling her eyes. well i least they brought her clothes early that night and she actually had some cute clothes on. well only 45 minutes left of class, just have to endure it. then she turned to listen to the teacher drone on and on about how to do this and that. she just tuned her out and looked around at the guys looking for the cute ones.
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1st class of the year (normal camouflage)
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