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 VERY new warriors roleplay-needs members

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PostSubject: VERY new warriors roleplay-needs members   VERY new warriors roleplay-needs members I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 20, 2010 4:29 pm

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It wasn’t dark, it wasn’t stormy. It never was stormy in MoonClan’s territory. The sky wasn’t dark, though the cats who shared the small dense thicket also shared a feeling of opaque darkness. The cat who seemed the eldest took a step forward. His companions looked at the tom, half scared, half excited.
The elderly tom looked at them with cold amber eyes, and he began, “Former leaders of the Clans bellow. We have gathered for one reason, and that reason seems unbeknownst to most of you. EternityClan is falling.”
A she-cat with large aqua eyes looked patiently at the tom, “That is impossible, Sparrowmoon, we have more apprentices than any other Clan, our kits are strong. Soon we will have so many warriors the den will have to be rebuilt.”
Sparrowmoon glared at the she-cat, “I am afraid, Fallenmoon, that soon isn’t soon enough. EternityClan is falling now.”
A large ginger tom growled at the brown tom, “Sparrowmoon, you do realize that the former leaders of the other Clans do not care if EternityClan goes up in smoke? MagmaClan still cannot sustain itself on the insufficient territory given to it by the five original leaders.”
An even larger ginger tom with the same wide shoulders laid his tail tip gently on the other’s shoulder, “Burningmoon, hush”
Another she-cat with black fur and dark blue eyes yowled protest; “Let the young one speak! His point is more valid than any other tonight.” Every cat but four bowed its head, for the speaker had been one of the five great leaders in the beginning. Her name was Shade, though she like the other great leaders had added ‘Moon’ to the end in respect for their ancestors and the fifth leader, Moon.
Sparrowmoon was the only to oppose her view, “Shademoon, please, send help to my clan. Help us, I’m begging you. If EternityClan falls, so do the rest of the Clans.”
A pure white she cat with matching eyes stood and looked upon the others as the leader of all of them. Her long whiskers twitched slightly in thought. She spread silence simply with a gaze of those milky eyes.
Finally, her verdict was reached, “We must remember, the five Clans each have a meaning in the lives of our warriors. MoonClan stands for memory, MagmaClan stands for emotion, ReedClan stands for learning, ShadeClan stands for self, and EternityClan stands for existence. If one Clan fades, the balance is broken. Shade, Eternity, Reed, Magma, I propose a solution.”
A she-cat with tortoiseshell fur that was entirely different shades of ginger and brown turned her head sharply to Moon, “And what is this said ‘Solution’?”
“It is simple,” mewed the white she-cat, “We each have at least two descendants nearly apprentice age in six moons, the time when the clan’s influences are strongest. I propose we each endow two kits with the power of the our Clan. We can send them to find help for EternityClan. Perhaps they may find a clue to what we were searching for when we came here.”
“Accepted, grudgingly,” was meowed in perfect unison from the other four great leaders.
“Then let us call our descendant kits so we may bestow our powers. We shall call the event the ‘Bequeathing,’ it will happen in six moon’s time.”
“I present the strongest kits. They shall be given the powers of ShadeClan. Their qualities are thoughtfulness and endurance.” Shade yowled upward to the blank, bright sky. Moon bowed her head.
“I present the fastest kits. They shall be given the powers of ReedClan. Their qualities are swiftness and creativity.” A thin blue-grey tom yowled, though his was proclamation directed to the cats in the thicket.
"I present the most loving kits. They shall be given the powers of MagmaClan. Their qualities are strength and passion.” The ginger tortoiseshell meowed.
“I present, then, the kindest kits. They shall be given the powers of MoonClan. Their qualities are serenity and forgiveness.” Moon bowed her head in the direction of a silver tom. He squirmed in her gaze, looking uncomfortable.
“I have no descendants to present. My bloodline died out seasons ago.” He mewed into his chest fur.
“That is a problem… maybe you can… have kits with a living queen?” Magma asked.
“That wouldn’t work, mouse-brain.” Shade batted the ginger tortoiseshell playfully across the ears.
Moon thought for a moment, twitching her whiskers. It was a long time before she spoke, “Eternity, I can think of only one option if you wish to take part in this effort to save your Clan. You must create two kits from your own essence.” Eternity thought for a very long time. His tail subconsciously swished out the seconds. He slowly nodded.
Finally, he mewed, “Sounds fine. Then I will call them Dawnkit and Destinykit, they will inherit the powers of EternityClan. Their qualities will not be chosen by me, but by them. They will reflect what good she sees in others.” Moon nodded.
Her words brought the meeting to a close; “Then let it be done. We will see each other again in six moons.”
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VERY new warriors roleplay-needs members
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